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What is an upright MRI? That was our initial reaction when we first heard about it. After practicing in town for more than 10 years, I had a patient with a perplexing situation. The patient complained of severe low back pain and right leg pain. His physical exam confirmed his complaints, but the MRI he had showed a completely normal lumbar spine. As a result of this normal MRI, he was being denied treatment by his insurance company.

Furthermore, it made me wonder if the patient was “faking” his condition in order to procure narcotics or get on disability. I discussed the situation with a group of other physicians in the community. The most important factor was that his pain only occurred while standing and walking. The pain completely resolved by lying down. So why do we do MRI of the spine while the patient is lying down? The answer was because that was the only technology available. Or was it? After weeks of research, a solution was found, the Fonar Upright MRI.

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